What makes a great logo?

That’s an interesting question, isn’t it? For most people, it’s the iconography. Great icons are known to have a great brand recall factor across various demographics and mediums. However, as a logo design agency in Chennai, we’ve often noticed when designing, that there is an crucial yet easily forgotten aspect that can play an important role in an effective logo; the font.

The importance of type in a logo design cannot be understated. Sarah Hyndman, a graphic designer and the founder of the typeface company, Type Tasting Studio sums it up best. “Fonts turn words into powerful stories”, she says, a statement that holds particularly true for logo designs. Be it serif, sans serif or custom-made, a great font can easily convey the brand’s sentiment. With most of the world’s logos being either word-based or a combination logo, it’s crucial when designing to select a font that defines your brand’s personality. As a logo designing agency in Chennai, we take into consideration various factors such as a type’s weight and style before finalising on a logo’s font.

So, the next time you’re about to select a logo, ask yourself the following; Does your logo’s font convey your brand’s spirit?  Does the logo’s font tell your story? Keeping these questions in your mind will truly unleash the power of your logo’s type.