A brand personality is a set of characteristics you associate with a brand.

Sounds a lot like a branding position, doesn’t it?

Well, there is a slight difference.

While branding personalities play an important part in deciding brand position, they’re not one and the same. Branding personalities take into consideration who you are whereas branding positions consider how you want to be perceived in the market. For example, the brand position of a company like Apple would be based on ‘inspiration’ and ‘thinking differently’, whereas their brand personalities would be that of innovators and groundbreakers.

So, take a good look at what your brand stands for. Are you a brand that perceives itself as trendy or classic? Are you more traditional or rebellious? Do you want to be perceived as a more masculine or feminine brand? If you’re having trouble figuring this out, try associating your traits with that of a famous person like Madonna or Elon Musk.  We’ve found that this goes a long way in figuring out where exactly you wish to position yourself in the market. As an advertising and branding company in Chennai, we often associate ourselves with Satyajit Ray; creative and innovative, with ideas that fit our audience’s psyche.

Whether you are a big corporation or a start-up, the idea of a brand personality applies to everyone. After all, it’s these traits that will eventually be defining how your potential clientele will see and interact with your brand. Cultivating and harnessing this personality can play a key factor in your brand’s success.