What Should I Use for My Logo?

If you’re looking to establish a start-up or want to revamp your brand, there’s no doubt that this question has popped into your mind. After all, the logo is one of the main elements of your brand’s identity.

However, how do you know what logo will best serve your brand’s purpose?

What logo best captures your brand’s personality?

As a logo design agency in Chennai, we generally consider these questions before beginning work on a client’s brief.

Here’s our guide to the 5 main types of logos and when to use them:

  1.       Word-based Logos:

The word-based logo is probably the most common type of design used by brands. The logo consists of the brand’s name displayed in modified fonts to grab the attention of the customer. Some of the best-known examples of this type of logo include brands like Coca-Cola, Google, and Facebook.

When should you use this type of logo?

There’s a reason why this type of logo is so popular among brands. With big businesses, a word-based logo helps establish a sense of confidence and stability. It also works well for small businesses and companies. Start-ups with short and quirky names often capitalise on this type of design by using stylised fonts to highlight their creativity and brand.

  1.       Letter-based Logos:

Have a look at the logos of the following: HP, HBO, CNN, and NASA. See the pattern?

All these companies have logos that are based only on their initial letters. For companies that have long or complicated names, a letter-based logo is a quick and effective method to showcase a brand’s personality.

When should you use this type of logo?

As discussed, a letter-based logo is a good idea if you have a name that may be hard to remember or if your brand does business in places with different demographics. If you are a new start-up or small business that wishes to use this type of logo, it may be a good idea to place the name of your business below the logo in your branding collateral. As the company is being represented in only a few letters, it’s important to keep the font and style of the logo to keep the design simple, attractive and easily understandable.

  1. Icon-based Logos:

An icon-based logo is a logo that consists of no text but an image to represent the brand. Some of the most famous examples include brands such as Target, Nike, and Twitter. Generally used by brands that have an established market presence, this logo is very similar to letter-based logos in terms of audience outreach. They work best with companies that have a global presence or have complicated names.

When should you use this type of logo?

Although the icon-based logo has a universal appeal, there may be certain aspects you may want to consider before choosing this design. Remember, if people are not familiar with your brand, the impact of the logo can be lost. In fact, studies have shown that only 6% of the top 100 brands use an icon-based logo. However, if you do wish to use an icon, try using one that your potential clientele can easily relate to.

  1. Combination Logo:

A combination logo combines the worlds of both the word-based and icon-based logo. The picture and the text can be laid out side by side, stacked on top of each other or integrated to form an image. One big advantage of using this type of logo is you’re able to immediately connect your brand name to your icon. Famous brands that use this design type include Pizza Hut and Lacoste.

When should you use this type of logo?

There are many advantages to using a combination logo. In fact, as a logo design agency in Chennai, we often find this to a preferred design type among clientele. It’s a great way to help establish your brand with two different elements to help brand recall. However, it’s important to keep the design clean as too many elements may clutter the logo and making it illegible in different mediums.

  1. Emblem Logo:

The final type of logo is the emblem logo. It essentially consists of a crest or shield in which the name of the company is placed. They are often the go-to type of logos for schools, automobile, and government organisations. They give the brand a classic look which may be useful in establishing brand trust and stability. Harley Davidson and Starbucks are some famous brands that use this design

When should you use this type of logo?

Although these types of logos may seem to best work for definitive and authoritative brands, it’s possible to modify element and font styles to make this logo suitable for private businesses. Starbucks is a prime example of this. However, it’s important to be strict about a clean design. A logo with too many elements will look cluttered and unattractive.

What’s your favourite type of logo design? Let us know in comments below