The web has changed the planet. No other technology has done more to give smaller businesses a voice and bring larger organisations closer to their customers. Today, it is the best way for businesses and individuals alike to be seen and heard.

At SingylStroke, we understand the importance of a web presence for businesses and offer a plethora of services related to the web. We carry out a host of services for our clients related to the web including website design and content creation for websites, social media, and blogs. We also make digital content for the web, such as videos for YouTube, digital brochures, online ads and everything in between.

While web design services in Chennai or anywhere else, are relatively easy to come by, we at SingylStroke go beyond what traditional services include and offer services that exceed just the technical. We look at your requirements from a technological, aesthetic and communicative perspective and provide web design services that represent your brand in the best light possible.

Our services include custom website design or web design using CMS (content management systems), e-commerce, web system and platform designs and app designs. We also carry out digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns and carry our web design services related to these as well.

The case below goes into how SingylStroke helped resolve a massive asset issue for a technology giant based in Bangalore.


How does one help a technology giant visualize and implement a people friendly digital asset management system?

When Wipro, an 8.5 billion dollar company asked SingylStroke to help design a digital asset management system, we knew there was more to it than just design. The library collated all of our client’s digital assets in one place so that their employees and the people they worked with could use them to their full capacity instantaneously. It meant that people like us, an advertising agency in Chennai that worked with our client, could access digital products procured or shared by other vendor agencies across geographies. It also meant that creative agencies have access to digital assets procured by departments other than the ones they work with, and departments could access each other’s creative assets. A digital asset library could save our client a significant amount of revenue and streamline their creative procurement process. While the benefits of this system are clear, designing it proved daunting. We understood that the project would have to go through several stages before the actual design phase, including discovery and scope, content mapping, mock-ups and wireframes.

As a digital communications firm ourselves, we knew what information people would want when they looked for digital assets, and utilized this knowledge to create design that worked for users. Taking the system that our clients had developed—all of its parts, components and nuances—we assembled them so that users were able to access the data they needed quickly and without difficulty.

Our design consisted of an easy-to-use user interface that catered to our client’s internal departments, vendor creative agencies and non-vendor creative agencies as well. Users were able to access digital assets systematically, and also relevant data about the assets. The interface was thus translatable to suit the needs of the various different users of the digital asset library. Beyond organizing the digital library into a user-friendly system, we also designed the visual aspects of the library to support the interface.

Making a system understandable and accessible, especially when it deals with a highly visual product, can pose some challenges. By analysing the needs of both the users and our clients, we were able to produce both design and structure to help create a highly accessible and efficient digital asset library.





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