At SingylStroke, we do whatever it takes to get the right image for any form of communication, from branding to the spreading of ideas. We work with photographers from different specialisations and expertise. With our understanding of colours and space, we work on images and photographs that look beautiful, that fit in with design as a whole and align with brands and ideas perfectly.

We undertake photography assignments of all sorts ranging from product shoots to event shoots to creation of imagery for marketing material.



In any form of media involving sound; be it film, music or radio, the type and quality of sound has a significant impact on communication.

We compose and produce music for radio, television, corporate videos, short films and documentaries, feature films, commercial ad films, audio signature branding and branding in general and we also create music for the pure joy of making it.

We collaborate with studios, artists and musicians from a variety of genres and use a mix of live and digital instruments to get the right sound for any project.

We experiment with new music styles and techniques and learn and evolve from artists from any background and experience.


How do you create a Brand Audio Signature targeted at the youth but is engaging for everyone?

How do you create a Brand Audio Signature targeted at the youth but is engaging for everyone?

The Requirement: A tune which stood out among the millions and conveyed the ITC Classmate brand image. It had to be catchy, recognisable, short and genre transferable.

Creating a Brand Audio Signature tune requires a special focus on the target segment and attention to the music that appeals to that segment without alienating other demographics.

Based on research, pop music was selected, which, as a genre, satisfies these criteria. Knowing that the musical notes used would be the defining factor, a catchy tune was developed for the brand. It was built to be upbeat and hopeful, yet simple in its basic notes, something that would help in moulding it to other genres. Another area that needed focusing on was figuring out tones or patches that stood out. After considerable experimentation, a blend of percussive and tonal notes were used. The ideal tone was achieved through a mix of four different instruments merged together as one unique and perfect unit. Four tracks in four different genres were created: the classic pop genre, Indian, trance and dance genres; each with its own unique style but tied together by the audio signature tune.





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