The digital marketing landscape is perhaps the most exciting for marketers these days. There has never been a time where advertisers could reach out to such a large population with the control and precision that the digital medium offers.

As a digital marketing agency in Chennai, we at SingylStroke have a depth of experience in marketing online. From search and display advertising (e.g. Google AdWords) to integration of a digital advert with other digital assets on the web and social media (Facebook, Instagram), we work with marketers in developing end to end digital campaigns. Through the creation of strategies, creative assets, deployment and management of digital campaigns coupled with real time analysis and analytics on websites and landing pages we help businesses and advertisers reach their marketing goals.

Most digital marketing campaigns fall under the same two categories that apply to all advertising campaigns. Brand building ads and call to action ads. It is important to identify your campaign goals before starting on digital marketing as this will have a large impact on strategy and budget.

In the case below, we explain how as a digital marketing agency based in Chennai, we were able to affect a national brand in touchpoints all over India.


 How does one create a competition that evokes pride within a student for her college while increasing sales?

ITC, one of the largest conglomerates in India, wanted to launch a digital campaign for their prime stationery brand in India, Classmate, to work on three fronts; to create a game that would encourage participation of college students, to create an atmosphere that would push the students towards making their respective colleges win, and to boost sales of their notebooks.

In order to achieve this, the client needed a creative strategy that would resonate with the mindset of the millennials. They were looking for an advertising agency in Chennai that was adept, adroit and proficient enough to juggle all the elements within such a challenging vertical.

As a digital marketing agency in Chennai, a city with a large number educational institutes, SingylStroke had the insight to come up with “My Pulse My College”. A digital marketing campaign in which the student needed to buy a notebook to participate. Within the notebook would be a scratch code that the said student would use to participate in the competition. By entering the code and why she thinks her college is the best, the buyer would be granted points. The goal of the competition was to earn as many points as possible to win a vacation with a few friends. Though the premise sounded good enough, SingylStroke wanted to make the competition more than just a way to sell books; they wanted students to showcase their pride for their respective colleges. A sponsorship for the winning college was conceptualized.

To actualize this, a way of tying in college participation with student participation was needed. When entering the competition, the student would have entered her college name which would be granted points as well.  The greater the number of students from the same college, the closer they, along with their college, would be to winning the competition.

A way of connecting students to a singular purpose was essential to the success of the campaign. Making the competition available on all social media platforms and devices was paramount. SingylStroke designed flyers, posters and Facebook posters which the contestants could use to invite others from their college to make sure they participate and lead their respective colleges to victory. Additionally, sharing on all platforms, Facebook, G+, and Twitter, was made available to all participants. To make sure they utilized this feature, each vote that was garnered via these shares would add a point to their total, which could make the difference between winning and losing.





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