Design isn’t only about making things look good. Good looking things are made from good design. And good design is born from function.

At SingylStroke, we keep in mind the need, the use, the purpose and thereby the function of beautiful designs. Be it logos, visiting cards, websites, brochures, invitations and other media related creatives, our approach to design remains the same with the understanding that the function, message, and design go hand in hand.


Our services include designs for:

Corporate Branding: Logos, Visiting Cards, Letterheads, Presentations and more.

Marketing: Brochures, Ambient Media, Outdoor Media, Print Media, Packaging & Labels, Calendars, Invitations, Kiosk and Stall designs etc.

Digital Media: Any and all creative design related to the digital or online space such as Websites, Apps, Social Media etc. (for more information please see Web Design)

Others: We carry out design for a range of new media and would love to hear what your design requirements are.

Like design agencies in Chennai and around the world are wont to, we begin with determining a detailed creative brief. We then help flesh out these nascent thoughts into a more comprehensive plan which will keep in mind the brand, the target audience and will work in conjunction with other marketing collateral. Design references will be paid attention to, such as leading international trend setters and the like, while considering local and brand requirements. Ultimately, the final designs will be a harmonious union of the above thoughts and processes.

Below is a case to illustrate our capabilities as a design agency for one of our local clients based in Chennai whose audience spans the Indian education sphere.


How does one incite durable curiosity through creative design?

How does one incite durable curiosity through creative design?

Chrysalis, is one of India’s premier education research, and innovation organisations, who provide comprehensive curriculum solutions to educational institutions to promote a more empirical approach towards pedagogy.

Going by the name Thinkroom, they wanted to conduct a workshop that introduced the concept of holistic education, through a comprehensive curriculum, and a teaching methodology that focused more on understanding and less on marks. The workshop was to target the Principals and Heads of renowned educational establishments all over South India. Chrysalis was looking for a design agency in Chennai and approached SingylStroke to design a host of collaterals to successfully garner their attention, by inciting the element of curiosity.

The major challenge here though was to convey the message across without making the educational concerns feel as if they were falling short of something. SingylStroke had to convince these educational organisations to attend a workshop that promoted a different approach to teaching as opposed to the ways followed in most schools. Such an activity, if not cautiously structured with the right amount of diplomacy, could fall flat.

The collaterals had to be creative enough, to make heads bob up, intuitive enough, to convey the message at first glance and tactful enough, to not make it seem like the current methods followed, are questionable.

With a simple creative strategy that incorporated the day to day elements familiar to an educational setup, SingylStroke achieved this. The invites sent out to school principals were designed to resemble a school report card, that immediately grabbed their attention. For every follow-up collateral from invites to e-mailers to entry cards, SingylStroke ensured to incorporate a common underlying theme, familiar to all educational institutions, to establish an instant connect. More importantly, the company, for a change, decided to let the design do most of the talking, with minimum usage of content. This strategy worked well for the educational authorities, who only had to take a glance at the invite to understand what it was about.





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