The word ‘brochure’ is derived from the 18th century French word ‘brocher’ which means to stitch (a book). Almost two hundred years later, the brochure still hasn’t lost significance. Even in this day and age of smartphones, tablets and so on, the feel of real paper in one’s hand is hard to replicate. Until technology can evolve to the point where it can truly replace this experience, brochures, books, magazines are here to stay making them powerful marketing tools.

As a design agency in Chennai, we at SingylStroke appreciate the sheer history and influence that brochures have had in many geographies and humbly try to implement it in our brochure design. From cover to cover, we painstakingly pay attention to every detail. And since all branding and marketing collaterals must reinforce a company’s position and create a cohesive brand image, our brochure design uses text, imagery and other design elements to communicate the message about the brand and its products effectively.

Brochure design comes in many forms and formats. The bi-fold and tri-fold are the most common for single sheet brochures, though there are other fold arrangements possible. And there is a long list of the different kinds of brochures as well. There are Coffee table books, Magazines, Reports, White papers, College prospectuses, Product catalogues, Price lists, Tourism booklets, Real estate brochures with apartment drawings and even e-brochures just to name a few.

A lot of work goes into designing a brochure. Initially, there’s the cover design, then the layout which includes fonts, alignment etc., the copy content and the editing and proofreading of that content, the pictures – stock photos, or shots from a photoshoot, drawings and/or artwork, infographics if required, and finally a call to action.

Though we are, among other things, a design agency in Chennai, our work has impacted organisations in India and around the world. To give you an idea, the case below demonstrates the work we did for a company based in Chennai in collaboration with a renowned American magazine.


How does one design a corporate report that communicates a pressing social message?

Men and Women. Women and Men.

Honestly, the order should make no difference. And turns out, we have a neighbour company that thinks the same.

Established in the year 2000, AVTAR I-WIN is India’s first gender diversity advocate- counselling and enabling women to pursue sustainable career paths. Over the sixteen years of its existence, AVTAR has helped charter diversity and inclusion plans for several of the country’s IT, FMCG and Financial organisations.

Against this backdrop, AVTAR wanted to publish the ‘2016 Working Mother and AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India’ report- a project that would help promote the interests of women professionals in corporate India, by celebrating the policies and programs that the 100 best Indian corporates have devised to support their female workforce.

Definite believers in the cause, we made this ambition a tangible reality by designing a crisp, 150-page corporate report. Cover to cover, we employed a clean, minimalistic design route, with the objective of widening the report’s reach- senior executive to youngest millennial.

When on a tour of this documentation, you’ll find that the reality of the current Indian corporate scenario visibly takes shape in the form of creatively illustrated infographics. These were used to thoroughly represent the numbers and figures pertaining to the existence, accessibility, and utilization of programs implemented in the 100 Best Companies for Women in India. We carefully studied the intent and structure of each program before fabricating a visually appealing array. Beginning to end, the look and feel is a mindful blend of that of a magazine and a report.

The 2016 Working Mother and AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India project was brought to life with the faith that its data will serve not only as a benchmark but also as motivation for every Indian organisation- corporate or not, to improve work culture and introduce new policies for greater career enablement and greatly increased participation of women.

We’re more than glad to have been the mediator.





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