The definition of branding has changed over the years. What was once a process of name and identity creation has changed into something far more. It has evolved into something on which the foundations of organisations are built and customers’ trust is laid.

As a Branding agency in Chennai, we have carried out the entire spectrum of branding activities for a large number of industries. From SME’s to large corporations, government organisations to non-profit agencies, we take the individual needs of our clients, their long-term goals and financial plans and carve out brands that suit their personalities.

We develop branding strategies and execute the creation of collateral. We help our clients identify and develop their brand identity through a variety of media, online and offline, enabling them to find their voice and differentiate themselves from their competitors. As a branding agency in Chennai, we have helped brands in various geographies in India and abroad with every aspect of their branding journey starting from their name, their logo design and their marketing collateral including brochure design, flyers and posters. We work with our clients to help get their brand message out into the market through content creation, website design and development, digital marketing and social media marketing.

In the process of brand building, while our focus and efforts lie in working on the face of the brand which primarily includes name, logo, website, packaging, brochure etc we engage with various brand stakeholders on the base of the brand as well. These can include topics such as company culture, values, mission and vision to build the brand.

In the case below, the entire process of branding was completed for a new company in the Fragrance and Flavours industry.


How does one create a unique brand for an organisation within a vertical that’s set in its ways?

The Fragrance and Flavours industry is a burgeoning market. Many companies purchase and utilise enormous amounts of raw material every day but face the problem of excess stock due to the dynamic nature of this industry. FnFsurplus wanted to open an online marketplace for surplus raw materials, finished goods, packaging materials, and capital goods which would cater to the ever-changing needs of buyers and sellers.

For establishing a successful website, the company would need a branding strategy that would, in the mind of its users, provide absolute clarity and leave no doubt in reference to what it does. As an established branding and advertising agency in Chennai, SingylStroke was chosen to brand the company due to its expertise in a wide array of services including branding, video production, brochure and website design.

Branding a company that is unique to an industry and making its name immutable to other companies within the same vertical can prove to be a difficult task, given the B to B nature of the industry. A host of exercises was planned and executed including brand discovery, creation, and maintenance. A name and a tagline, keeping in mind that both had to be lucid and accurate, was made. A logo that reflected the purpose of the company was designed. A user-friendly and interactive website, which would enable users to enter information and other things necessary for making virtual exchange possible, was drafted. From the communication standpoint, a video that would be crisp, engaging and explanatory was produced. This was also used as a vehicle for marketing. Brochures, flyers and print ads were also created as marketing collaterals.

FnFsurplus is currently running live as a successful e-commerce platform in the Fragrance and Flavour industry.





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