As a medium, film is perhaps one of the few that is a combination of several art forms together and is inarguably the most influential means of communication today.

We make films. From corporate videos to films that tell stories, to commercials, we work with our clients to get their ideas and thoughts from paper to screen. We work with directors, cinematographers and production houses keeping in mind that the style and budget of our customers are as varied as their requirements.

We specialize in helping our clients conceptualise ideas for videos, transforming thoughts that have been scribbled on notebooks, to scripts and storyboards and finally on screen for the world to see.

We make videos and films for all conceivable channels such as Online, TV, Theatre, OOH or In-store, Events etc. Primarily these videos fall into two categories i.e. live action and animation. Live action is where there are real people or animals involved in the shoot while animation has different types such as character animation, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, stop motion et al. Sometimes, videos can be a combination of any or all of these. Some different kind of videos we’ve done in the past are Walk-through videos, Testimonials, Interviews, On ground activities, Corporate videos, Fundraising videos, Explanatory/informational videos, Educational videos and Advertising/Promotional videos.

There are many steps which go into making a video or a film. These steps or activities are divided into three broad stages: pre-production, production and post-production. The order of the activities can vary depending on the film, the requirements and the logistics. Usually though, the order is as follows.

Pre-Production: Discussing and understanding the needs and requirements of the clients, Concept and ideation, Script, Storyboard, Crew assembly, Recce/recon i.e. location reconnoitre, Equipment and booking of location, Scheduling and organising the shoot

Production: Shooting, Voice over recording, Music recording

Post-Production: Editing, Colour correction, Adding titles and graphics/company logo

Stock music, video or photography, if being used, can be figured out in pre-production.

If it’s an animated video it follows a different set of steps, namely: Script, Storyboard, Art style, Animatic, Animation, Compositing, Editing, Music and Sound.

As is apparent, making films can be complex or very simple. They can vastly differ depending on time, need and budget. At SingylStroke, we make sure our videos are creative while solving a problem for the client as is evidenced by the case below where we changed the existing landscape of real estate walk-through videos in Chennai.


How does one push construction walk-throughs to a new level?

When looking at the Chennai real estate market, it is clear that Ramaniyam Real Estates is one of the largest players on the field, with over two hundred residential and commercial projects completed since their inception in 1986. Ramaniyam were looking to make a corporate video in Chennai and approached SingylStroke to work on making marketing collaterals more effective for their residential complexes, looking for a strategy that would draw in buyers and ensure that apartment units were sold out before the construction was completed. The key consumer demographic that Ramaniyam wanted SingylStroke to focus on consisted of urban, affluent, working professionals and their families in Chennai. As an advertising agency that has extensive experience in corporate videos in Chennai, we were able to analyse Ramaniyam’s demographic and tailor-make our marketing, branding and communication strategy to appeal to them.

We focused on the two sales collaterals that had the maximum customer reach— brochures and walk-throughs. Our brochure design packaged floor plans, building specifications and amenities lists with fresh creative material to make them persuasive and informative. We used the brochures to create a unique, independent narrative around each residential project. Each brochure was characterised by its own colour scheme and design.  Photography services were provided, and these photographs were utilised by Ramaniyam for their communication materials. These measures ensured that buyers viewed each apartment as a potential home, not simply a list of facts, figures and specifications.

We also made certain that our creative vision evolved from the existing brand. By incorporating their tagline and their brand profile into our copy for their brochures and the scripts, we made sure that though each building was given its own unique character, they still cohesively fit the Ramaniyam brand.

Our second sales collateral was developed specifically to enable the conversion of each enquiry into a sale. We realized that the architect walk-throughs could be utilized to enable potential buyers to really imagine themselves in the project being advertised, however, they needed to be relatable. Stock 3D animated characters lent the walk-through an impersonal air, which we needed to change to fulfill Ramaniyam’s brief. The question we were left with then was this: How do you make a walk-through for a project that has yet to be fully constructed, while having to limit the use of 3D rendering to make it feel more personal for buyers?

SingylStroke’s solution was to intersperse the 3D visualization with live video footage from existing Ramaniyam residential complexes to display not just an apartment, but a home. The 3D visualization helped buyers see the complex under construction as a finished product while organic live footage allowed them to get a glimpse of family life in a Ramaniyam project. Existing Ramaniyam residents were asked to be the actors for our live footage, to ensure that buyers would be able to see how real Chennai families populated and lived in the homes that they were considering buying. We developed a script that listed all the amenities and features of the complex in an engaging, conversational tone and interspersed it with footage of people using these amenities. We scripted and shot important moments of family life that instantly strike a chord with people, like siblings having a spirited game of carrom, a family laughing and enjoying a Rajini film in the in-house theatre, a mother and son doing homework, a grandmother stealing a moment of peace and quiet from the busy day by sipping a cup of tea in a peaceful, green balcony.

The video was uploaded to the Ramaniyam website and has become an integral part of their marketing strategy for future projects.  We made it possible for people to not just imagine their lives in a Ramaniyam complex, but to actually see it.





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