The medium, model, and vehicle of advertising has and continues to change over time, especially over the last decade. As an advertising agency in Chennai that has serviced over a hundred clients in the last couple of years alone, we find what remains consistent has been the fact that the success of an advert, no matter how artful the execution, is measured only by the success of the goal it was meant to accomplish.

At SingylStroke, we believe that every piece of advertising is only as good as the idea from which it is born. And that is what we’re the best at. We believe in big ideas that stay true to the brand and achieve its marketing goal.

As part of our creative method, we make sure that everyone involved in the ad creation process is involved in every aspect of the ad. Our copywriters keep visuals, design, and production in mind and our art directors do not lose sight of the copy, thus ensuring that every bit of the creative, works as one succinct piece. We also keep in mind that most advertisements are of two types. When an ad is made to build brand awareness and interest it is called a brand image ad, while an ad that is made to initiate a consumer or customer action or response is called a proportional or call to action ad.

As an advertising agency in Chennai, we carry out advertising services for individuals and companies across mediums, channels, and geographies. These include print, radio, TV, OOH, as well as digital and social media.

The case below delves into how SingylStroke completed a wide-ranging set of activities for the largest inter-corporate cultural competition in India, based out of Chennai.


How does one carry out a comprehensive branding, advertising, and marketing strategy for the largest inter-corporate cultural competition in India?

As one of the most trusted ad agencies in Chennai, Vodafone asked SingylStroke to brand and advertise the largest Indian Inter-Corporate Cultural Competition held in Chennai called Vodafone Red. As the title sponsor of the event, they were looking for an advertising agency in Chennai to not just carry out branding for the event but also create and execute creative strategy across digital and social media platforms, on-ground and offline channels and manage various aspects of the competition, making this a formidable project.

Vodafone wanted the advertising and branding strategy to reflect something fresh; they wanted people to relive their college days and approach the contest with zest and energy. The theme “Colours” was fresh, exuberant, translatable to the competitions that were part of the event, and we adapted those qualities into an original logo design and some artwork that created a comprehensive look for the event. We composed an event logo and seven other mnemonic pieces to identify component competitions.

We needed an advertising and branding strategy that was aimed at working professionals in Chennai, from SMEs to MNCs. As a branding and ad agency in Chennai, we knew this demographic well—they were like us. They led a corporate lifestyle and were active online and on social media; we just needed to introduce them to the event and make them want to participate.

Our strategy was executed on multiple fronts: we produced and implemented an interactive website design, executed a comprehensive digital and social media marketing campaign, developed print ads, and conceptualised and ran an online Photography Contest to generate interest for the main event.

The interactive website was responsive and easily accessible on multiple devices, allowing us to cast a wide net. It contained links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the live update feed. The entire event was explained on the website, and the rules and regulations, as well as participation details, were laid out. Photos from the event were uploaded on the website with links to social media platforms so that people could like, share, and tweet images from the website directly.

During the Social Media campaign, we provided regular updates and rolled out Facebook ads that combined applicable quiz questions with ad content. Audience engagement was evident as people responded to, commented on, answered, and shared the ads.

We created and curated an online photography event before the competition to generate interest for the event. Judged on the basis of Facebook likes, the competition reached out to both participants and voters, and worked as a successful preview to the main competition.

In addition to social media advertising, we developed print ads for popular daily newspapers and billboards. We developed stationary, standees, visiting cards, brochures, posters, banners, outdoor displays and large hangings based on “Colours”. We enabled communications services during the event and made a corporate video that contained event highlights and original ad content.

We balanced needs while exceeding the required expectations for the campaign and used social media effectively. When the event was complete, we had clocked out at over 1,27,000 people in 13 countries reached on the Facebook page alone, with over 15,000 likes and 14,000 engagements with our social media campaign in under three months.





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