Creative briefs are the foundation of any advertising and marketing campaign. It’s the roadmap that a creative agency follows when thinking of new ideas for the advertising campaign. However, it’s very hard to come by a good creative brief. Anything from miscommunication to laziness can result in a brief being misinterpreted. Given how important this document is to make a good campaign, it’s important to know how to give a good brief.

One of the key factors that go towards making a good creative brief is detail. When interacting with the account manager, it’s important to be able to tell them exactly what you want from the agency. Advertising agencies like ours in Chennai often make sure we get a complete understanding of the product or service. Consider dividing your information into categories when interacting with your ad agency. For example;


  • What does your product or service do?
  • What is its unique selling point?
  • What was the idea behind introducing the product?
  • What have been your previous marketing campaigns and strategies?


  • What is the goal of the campaign?
  • Do you wish to sell more products, create brand awareness or attract investors?
  • Who benefits from it?

Competitor Analysis and Target Audience:

  • How would you like the product to be seen?
  • Who are your competitors and what position do they occupy in the market?
  • Who is your target audience?

Message Tone and Style:

  • What are the key points you want to bring across?
  • What is the best way to deliver your message?
  • What style does your target audience respond to?

The idea of the exercise is to give as much information as possible. A more detailed brief can warrant more ideas for your advertising campaign. However, one thing you must keep in mind while giving information is to make sure the main details get emphasised.

Once you’ve provided the brief, most advertising agencies create their own separate brief which highlights the main points of your campaign. This document is circulated among the different internal teams who then begin working on the campaign. Make sure the description in the brief caters all the points you wish to bring forth. These steps should ensure that your brief that get the best results, creatively and financially.