How does one create a competition that evokes pride within a student for her college while increasing sales?

One of the largest conglomerates in India wanted to launch a digital campaign for the prime stationery brand in India to work on three fronts; to create a game that would encourage participation of college students, to create an atmosphere that would push the students towards making their respective colleges win, and to boost sales of their notebooks.

In order to achieve this, the client needed a creative strategy that would resonate with the mindset of the millennials. They were looking for an advertising agency in Chennai that was adept, adroit and proficient enough to juggle all the elements within such a challenging vertical.

SingleStroke came up with “My Pulse My College”, in which the student needed to buy a notebook to participate. Within the notebook would be a scratch code that the said student would use to participate in the competition. By entering the code and why she thinks her college is the best, the buyer would be granted points. The goal of the competition was to earn as many points as possible to win a vacation with a few friends. Though the premise sounded good enough, SingylStroke wanted to make the competition more than just a way to sell books; they wanted students to showcase their pride for their respective colleges. A sponsorship for the winning college was conceptualized.

To actualize this, a way of tying in college participation with student participation was needed.  When entering the competition, the student would have entered her college name which would be granted points as well.  The greater the number of students from the same college, the closer they, along with their college, would be to winning the competition.

 A way of connecting students to a singular purpose was essential to the success of the campaign.Making the competition available on all social media platforms and devices was paramount. SingylStroke designed flyers, posters and facebook posters which the contestants could use to invite others from their college to make sure they participate and lead their respective colleges to victory. Additionally, sharing on all platforms, Facebook, G+, and Twitter, was made available to all participants. To make sure they utilized this feature, each vote that was garnered via these shares would add a point to their total, which could make the difference between winning and losing.

How does one help a technology giant visualize and implement a people friendly digital asset management system?

When a 7.5 billion dollar company asked SingylStroke to help design a digital asset management system, we knew there was more to it than just design. The library collated all of our client’s digital assets in one place so that their employees and the people they worked with could use them to their full capacity instantaneously. It meant that people like us, an advertising agency in Chennai that worked with our client, could access digital products procured or shared by other vendor agencies across geographies. It also meant that creative agencies have access to digital assets procured by departments other than the ones they work with, and departments could access each others’ creative assets. A digital asset library could save our client a significant amount of revenue and streamline their creative procurement process. While the benefits of this system are clear, designing it proved daunting. We understood that the project would have to go through several stages before the actual design phase, including discovery and scope, content mapping, mock-ups and wireframes.

As a digital communications firm ourselves, we knew what information people would want when they looked for digital assets, and utilized this knowledge to create design that worked for users. Taking the system that our clients had developed—all of its parts, components and nuances—we assembled them so that users were able to access the data they needed quickly and without difficulty.

Our design consisted of an easy-to-use user interface that catered to our client’s internal departments, vendor creative agencies and non-vendor creative agencies as well. Users were able to access digital assets systematically, and also relevant data about the assets. The interface was thus translatable to suit the needs of the various different users of the digital asset library. Beyond organizing the digital library into a user-friendly system, we also designed the visual aspects of the library to support the interface.

Making a system understandable and accessible, especially when it deals with a highly visual product, can pose some challenges. By analysing the needs of both the users and our clients, we were able to produce both design and structure to help create a highly accessible and efficient digital asset library

How does one carry out a comprehensive branding, advertising and marketing strategy for the largest inter-corporate cultural competition in India?

Vodafone asked SingylStroke to brand and advertise the largest Inter-Corporate Cultural Competition, Vodafone Red, in India. As the title sponsor of the event, they were looking for an advertising agency in Chennai to not just carry out branding for the event but also create and execute creative strategy across digital and social media platforms, on-ground and offline channels and manage various aspects of the competition, making this a formidable project.

Vodafone wanted the advertising and branding strategy to reflect something fresh, they wanted people to relive their college days and approach the contest with zest and energy. The theme “Colours” was fresh, exuberant, translatable to the competitions that were part of the event, and we translated those qualities into an original logo design and some artwork that created a comprehensive look for the event. We composed an event logo and seven other mnemonic pieces to identify component competitions.

We needed an advertising and branding strategy that was aimed at working professionals in Chennai, from SMEs to MNCs. As a branding and advertising agency in Chennai, we knew this demographic well—they were like us. They led a corporate lifestyle and were active online and on social media; we just needed to introduce them to the event and make them want to participate.

Our strategy was executed on multiple fronts: we produced and implemented an interactive website design, executed a comprehensive digital and social media marketing campaign, developed print ads, and conceptualised and ran an online Photography Contest to generate interest for the main event.

The interactive website was responsive and easily accessible on multiple devices, allowing us to cast a wide net. It contained links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the live update feed. The entire event was explained on the website, and the rules and regulations as well as participation details were laid out. Photos from the event were uploaded on the website with links to social media platforms so that people could like, share, and tweet images from the website directly.

During the Social Media campaign, we provided regular updates, and rolled out Facebook ads that combined applicable quiz questions with ad content. Audience engagement was evident as people responded to, commented on, answered, and shared the ads.

We created and curated an online photography event before the competition to generate interest for the event. Judged on the basis of Facebook likes, the competition reached out to both participants and voters, and worked as a successful preview to the main competition.

In addition to social media advertising, we developed print ads for popular daily newspapers and billboards. We developed stationary, standees, visiting cards, brochures, posters, banners, outdoor displays and large hangings based on “Colours”. We enabled communications services during the event and made a corporate video that contained event highlights and original ad content.

We balanced needs while exceeding the required expectations for the campaign and used social media effectively. When the event was complete, we had clocked out at over 1,27,000 people in 13 countries reached on the Facebook page alone, with over 15,000 likes and 14,000 engagements with our social media campaign  in under three months.

How do you design a corporate video that not only spreads awareness for a social cause but also evokes an emotional reaction from the viewers?

Atma, an NGO from Mumbai, partners with NGOs in the education industry in India, helping them grow in size by providing a structured roadmap for growth and sustainability. Atma’s aim is to provide quality education to impoverished children around the country by equipping local NGOs with solutions and by facilitating them with the right practices that would assist in improving their scalability.

Atma needed a communications and advertising agency to not only help explain who they were and what they did to sponsors and key players in the education reform space, but also demonstrate why and how Atma went about providing assistance to other NGOs, helping them reach their respective goals.

SingylStroke devised a plan that would personalize and carry an emotional message that people could connect with, knowing full well that Atma needed a simplistic idea that would create widespread awareness.

To create a feasible approach that would last in the minds of potential sponsors and volunteers, SingylStroke came up with “Tara”, an animated character from a low-income and opportunity deprived environment, much like the children Atma works with. Tara was also conceptualised because she symbolised every child, irrespective of region, religion, caste, etc. She was applicable to every divisive community. By allowing her to be so universally applicable within the Indian context, SingylStroke ensured that “Tara“ appealed to all demographic groups. The script was written and the corporate-video  was designed to revolve around “Tara“. Infographic illustrations were utilised to show how Atma functions. The animated video showed how Atma uses its expertise to aid in the growth of NGOs  and essentially help “Tara“ receive an education.

How does one create a unique brand for an organisation within a vertical that’s set in its ways?

The Fragrance and Flavour industry is a burgeoning market. Many companies purchase and utilise enormous amounts of raw materials everyday but face the problem of excess stock due to the dynamic nature of this industry. wanted to open an online marketplace for surplus raw materials, finished goods, packaging materials, and capital goods which would cater to the ever-changing needs of buyers and sellers.

For establishing a successful website, the company would need a branding strategy that would, in the mind of its users, provide absolute clarity and leave no doubt in reference to what it does. As an advertising agency in Chennai, SingylStroke was chosen to brand the company due to its expertise in a wide array of services including branding; video, brochure, and website design.

Branding a company that is unique to an industry and making its name immutable to other companies within the same vertical can prove to be a difficult task, given the B to B nature of the industry.A host of exercises were planned and executed including brand discovery, creation and maintenance. A name and a tagline, keeping in mind that both had to be lucid and accurate, was made. A logo that reflected the purpose of the company was designed. A user-friendly and interactive website, which would enable users to enter information and other things necessary for making virtual exchange possible, was drafted. From the communication standpoint, a video that would be crisp, engaging and explanatory was produced. This was also used as a vehicle for marketing. Brochures, flyers and print ads were also created as marketing collaterals. ( is currently running live as a successful e-commerce platform in the Fragrance and Flavour industry.

How does one push construction walk-throughs
to a new level?

When looking at the Chennai real estate market, it is evident that Ramaniyam Real Estates is one of the largest players on the field, with over two hundred residential and commercial projects completed since their inception in 1986. Ramaniyam approached SingylStroke to work on making marketing collaterals more effective for their residential complexes, looking for a strategy that would draw in buyers and ensure that apartment units were sold out before the construction was completed. The key consumer demographic that Ramaniyam wanted SingylStroke to focus on consisted of urban, affluent, working professionals and their families in Chennai. An advertising agency in Chennai, we were able to analyse Ramaniyam’s demographic and tailor-make our marketing, branding and communication strategy to appeal to them.

We focused on the two sales collaterals that had the maximum customer reach— brochures and walk-throughs. Our brochure design packaged floor plans, building specifications and amenities lists with fresh creative material to make them persuasive and informative. We used the brochures to create a unique, independent narrative around each residential project. Each brochure was characterised by its own colour scheme and brochure design.  Photography services were provided, and these photographs were utilised by Ramaniyam for their communications materials. These measures ensured that buyers viewed each apartment as a potential home, not simply a list of facts, figures and specifications.

We also made certain that our creative vision evolved from the existing brand. By incorporating their tagline and their brand profile into our copy for their brochures and the scripts, we made sure that though each building was given its own unique character, they still cohesively fit the Ramaniyam brand.

Our second sales collateral was developed specifically to enable the conversion of each enquiry into a sale. We realized that the architect walk-throughs could be utilized to enable potential buyers to really imagine themselves in the project being advertised, however, they needed to be relatable. Stock 3D animated characters lent the walk-through an impersonal air, which we needed to change to fulfil Ramaniyam’s brief. The question we were left with then was this: How do you make a walk-through for a project that has yet to be fully constructed, while having to limit the use of 3D rendering to make it feel more personal for buyers?

SingylStroke’s solution was to intersperse the 3D visualization with live footage from existing Ramaniyam residential complexes to display not just an apartment, but a home. The 3D visualization helped buyers see the complex under construction as a finished product while organic live footage allowed them to get a glimpse of family life in a Ramaniyam project. Existing Ramaniyam residents were asked to be the actors for our live footage, to ensure that buyers would be able to see how real Chennai families populated and lived in the homes that they were considering buying. We developed a script that listed all the amenities and features of the complex in an engaging, conversational tone and interspersed it with footage of people using these amenities. We scripted and shot important moments of family life that instantly strike a chord with people, like siblings having a spirited game of carrom, a family laughing and enjoying a Rajini film in the in-house theatre, a mother and son doing homework, a grandmother stealing a moment of peace and quiet from the busy day by sipping a cup of tea in a peaceful, green balcony.

The video was uploaded to the Ramaniyam website and has become an integral part of their marketing strategy for future projects.  We made it possible for people to not just imagine their lives in a Ramaniyam complex, but to actually see it.

How do you rebrand a 40 year old brand?

The re-branding of an organisation that has been around for a substantial period of time and is a well known and trusted name in the industry is never an easy task.

In order to re-brand, it was important to take into consideration what the company wanted the new attributes of the brand to be, without losing out on the brand mileage that it had built in its forty year heritage.

The difficulties of re-branding an organisation, whose name is well known in the market, are obvious. Existing customers could feel alienated and newer customers may fail to see the value and heritage that has been accumulated over the years.

In order to rebuild the brand, without losing out on existing brand recognition from existing customers, SingylStroke devised a strategy that made Agri Till’s clients a part of the brand building process.

Personalised EDM’s were designed, thanking customers for their years of support and reminding them why they had chosen Agri Till in the first place, as well as keeping them well informed about the re-branding process. This was followed by a letter written by the chairman addressed to customers about his vision for the future. As a next step to the process, brand collateral such as brochures and the company website were redesigned along the same theme driving home the point that the organisation has evolved but had been built on a sizable and profound past





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