5 Tools To Use When Naming Your Startup

Names are incredibly important for your start-up’s brand strategy. Especially if you want to win over some of the investors you want to pitch your start-up to. If you’re thinking what’s in a name then you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. But remember, according to Wakefield Research, if people (SMSEs) were given the chance to change their name 52% of them would want it changed.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of naming, few tid-bits you should keep in mind:

Try to keep it short

– If you look at the companies of the recent past, their names are quite brief. People tend to recall shorter names as opposed to the longer ones — think Google, Apple, Cisco, etc.

Connection and overall brand tie-in

– While connecting your product to what it’s going to be called can prove to be quite useful, it is not always necessary. A connection will allow people to directly associate what you do when they see your company title — It’s a good thing! Also, having a good story behind your name is never a bad thing – Steve jobs threatened to call his company Apple if his team did not come up with a suitable name. Well you know what happened.

The tools:

Remember that these are just guiding tools. Using them efficiently will give you a plethora of names to choose from.

The thesaurus (Your go-to tool)

– The bible for naming companies — anything actually! The thesaurus gives you an insight into what you should be looking for. It gives you all the words and phrases that are not only related to your brand but also have great recall value.

Google! (Obviously)

– Google, as always, is the best research tool. You could search for word roots, etymology, mythology, etc. and get great results.

Google images/stock images

– As is already well known, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case a thousand names. For example, if you search for “gym” you would get pictures of body builders, celebrities, mythological characters – “Rocky” “Hercules” are types of names you could short list.

Combining words

– There are only a limited number of words in the dictionary. So, combining words can be a fun exercise! Plus, it broadens your horizons when it comes to naming your brand. Tools like wordoid can be extremely useful when trying to come up with something unique and new.

Business/Brand name generators

– This is more of a hit and a miss, hence last on the list. We believe that the human mind always inspires more meaningful names than business name generators, but keep them as your last resort.

The next step is to write these options separately and decide which one you like the most. Check its availability (in this case the domain for your website) and you’re done! Don’t restrict yourself to just using the tools mentioned above. Snoop around and you’ll find others as well.


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