How many times have you come across an ad that leaves you wanting more?

Interestingly, the answer is more often than not. When this question was posed to many friends who work at advertising agencies in Chennai, examples such as the Amul Girl and the Hutch pug ads began to surface. In fact, if you were to look at some of the most recognisable brands today, there’s a very high chance that you remember your favourite brand through its signature ad.

That’s what a great ad campaign can promise. With the power to bring in greater returns and multiply your business, there’s no doubting the benefits a well thought-out advertising plan can bring to the table.

But what actually goes into making an advertising campaign?

  • Research:

This is probably the first and most crucial step of any advertising campaign strategy. Research plays an important part in understanding who and what your target demographic responds to.

As an advertising agency in Chennai, we often look at key factors such as the brand’s target audience, product features, and the market competition. If we are looking to promote services, we make sure that we have a thorough understanding of how the service benefits the customers and of any other information that the customer would appreciate. This strategy helps us in making sure that we are absolutely clear about the brand and where they wish to position themselves. It plays a vital role in determining the type of campaign we go ahead with and the final execution.

  • Setting your budget:

As a business owner or manager, you probably realise the importance of figuring out how much money you’d spend on your advertising. It’s important to know your budget and work within it effectively rather than constantly re-adjusting to meet certain needs. However, keep in mind that the more money you have in your ad spend, the greater reach your ad will have.

So take a look at your year’s marketing budget and the number of campaigns you wish to run. Think of who you’re targeting and how best you can reach them. How many assets and collaterals will you need to get your ROI?

Depending on these factors, you can make an informed decision on how much would be the perfect budget for your campaign.

  • Deciding on the theme of the campaign:

The campaign idea is the face of all your activities. Therefore this step is probably the most crucial one in the process. Advertising agencies generally introduce a campaign with the help of the main creative. Remember, this creative is the starting point from where all your advertising activity will be derived. Therefore before finalising on a campaign, ask yourself the following:

Will this idea resonate with my audience? Is the design aesthetic appealing? Is this the copy accurately capture my brand?

  • Selecting the right mediums:

One of the main tools in helping create an effective ad campaign is knowing which channels to market your campaign in. For example, for campaigns targeted towards a larger audience, conventional forms of advertising such as TVCs work very effectively. However, if you’re looking for a campaign that is more targeted towards a specific audience, the digital space would be a better bet. Remember, no matter how unique  your ad idea is, it won’t be nearly as successful unless you learn how to utilise the correct advertising medium.

  • Media scheduling:

Is your campaign related to a seasonal sale? Is your campaign promoting a timeline for an offer?

Then knowing when to execute your campaign can play an important part in making sure your campaign is a success.

This is where media scheduling comes into the picture. With the help of an advertising or a media buying agency, you can make sure that your campaign assets are placed in a way that reaches a greater audience to maximise their impact.

After your ad campaign has been launched, it’s important to keep track of certain metrics to assess how well your campaign does. Understanding what works on the ground is the best way to refine and re-tune your ideas and strategies which can be later be used to your benefit.

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