It isn’t easy to start a business from the ground up. Right from hiring employees to working within a tight budget, establishing a presence in a market can be quite a challenge. This is why collateral that is easily recognizable and memorable can play a crucial role in the initial success of the company. It helps in the first step of any brand’s marketing strategy – building brand awareness.

If you have a start-up company, here are 5 of the main collateral you should consider having to build a strong brand identity.


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Designing a logo is possibly the first critical step towards establishing your brand. It’s also the most overlooked part of the branding process because most brands view logos as nothing more than a design.

But a logo isn’t just any design made for your brand. It’s the design that is the face of the brand and is going to be present in every company letter, brochure or collateral that goes to a potential customer or client. It’s essentially the single most important element that will drive brand recall. This is why it’s important to pay so much attention to the design of your logo.

One good tip to follow when designing logos for your start-up is to try and keep designs clean and simple. Depending on the type of market you cater to, it’s important to choose imagery that makes a direct connect with what the brand does or icons that are instantly relatable to the target audience. Apart from this, factors such as the type of logo and font can play an important part in deciding a logo that differentiates your brand from its competition and creates a great first impression. ‘

Business Cards:

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Though many new companies and brands believe that the business card has lost its significance in the digital age, there’s more than one reason for start-ups to consider printing cards. For starters, business cards are an effective and inexpensive way of letting customers know more about your brand. Having a business card during a meeting also aids in the perception of your brand, as the client understands that you take your business and brand seriously.

When designing your business card, it’s important to include critical information which your client will need such as business name, address, email id and website. Avoid cluttering the card and work with clean designs that give prominence to the most important details.

Website Design:

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With the world shifting towards the digital age, the website has taken centre stage in a brand’s branding arsenal. In fact, nowadays, most clients are likely to visit your website before deciding to go ahead with your brand. This is why having a good website is of paramount importance.

A good website design is one that is easily navigable, responsive and gives a customer the details he needs on the homepage itself. Therefore, when designing your website, it’s important to keep in mind what a client is most likely to be looking for. These include details such as contact information, work done and service information. Presenting these details in a form that is easily readable and understandable can go a long way in lead conversion which results in the exposure of your services and products to a larger market.

Social Media Presence:

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There’s no denying the effect a good social media strategy can have in creating brand awareness. From promoting offers to competitions and campaigns, engaging and interactive posts in mediums like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be very effective in promoting your brand’s persona and services to a very large audience. Also, as many start-ups are bootstrapped or have a very tight budget, this form of marketing is something that you should consider paying particular attention to as having a strong social media presence is a cheap and easy way to stay connected to your target audience.

There are many things to consider when developing your social media strategy. Elements such as the right networks, voice, visuals, and consistency are all major factors in the making an effective marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Templates:

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Despite recent trends, email marketing is still an important and effective part of a brand’s digital presence. This is because e-mail marketing still has one of the highest interaction rates among potential clients.

Due to this trend email templates are an important part of a brand’s marketing assets. While you might not have a robust customer email list, you’ll want an on-brand template for sending email campaigns whenever you wish to address an audience. A good template defines your brand’s personality and is guaranteed to help in your lead conversion and brand recall.