What are the different types of services that advertising agencies provide?

It’s an interesting question.

Given how varied the different types of advertising agencies can be, it’ll come as no surprise that the types of services provided also cover a very large spectrum. However, the key advertising services can be classified into 4 main categories.

What are the main types of advertising services?

 Brand Building:

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Have you ever wondered why brands like Coke and Apple have so much traction among their client base while others don’t?

The answer lies in brand building.

Understanding how to build your brand plays a critical part in the success or failure of your company. Most people think brand building is only about creating brand awareness or giving your brand a voice, and in part they’re right. However, when done correctly, brand building also focuses on one very important and easily forgotten philosophy: value-driven customer service.

In order to achieve this, it’s important to understand the hows, whats and whys of a brand. As a general rule of thumb, most advertising and branding agencies will ask you questions such as the following before beginning to work with you:

  • What defines your brand?
  • What do you plan to sell?
  • How do you wish to position yourself in the market?
  • How would you define your brand persona?
  • What are your defining traits?
  • Who is your target audience?

Once they have this understanding, branding agencies will generally provide you with a plan of action to get you to where you want. These include services such as branding guidelines, brand naming, logo designs etc.

Creative Communications:

types of advertising agencies, advertising, creative communications

This is probably the service you most associate with advertising agencies. A mainstay in the industry, creative communications cover a whole gamut of services that include print advertising, corporate videos, television commercials, animated films etc.

However, a successful creative communication campaign has never just been about creating a brilliant individual ad or TVC. It’s an integrated creative strategy aimed at effectively engaging a target audience.

If you’re looking to work with an ad agency on your creative strategy, it’s important to know what features of your product you wish to put in the forefront. Chances are you’ll be asked to provide a brief of your organisation’s requirements, a document that highlights major factors such as messaging, style, tone and target audience. Remember, the better your brief, the more likely you are to make a great campaign.

Design Services:

types of advertising agencies, advertising, design, design services

In the advertising world, design is the building block of most advertising services. A great design can speak volumes about a brand and can be a major factor in effective advertising.

Most advertising agencies provide design services for all kinds of advertising and branding collateral in the traditional and digital space. One of the key things you must keep in mind while selecting a design is the fact that it’s important for your design to appeal to your audience and forms a connect that easily links back your brand. Remember great design isn’t only about good looks, it’s also about great functionality. To quote Steve Jobs;

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Digital Marketing:

types of advertising agencies, advertising, digital marketing

 Digital marketing is the new keyword for most advertisers and marketers. In fact, many big firms and organisations spend a considerable amount of money in channels such as e-mailers, social media and AdWords for a good reason. Digital marketing is a smarter and more targeted way of achieving a better ROI.  Many brands use tools such as AdWords and social media marketing to improve brand visibility and showcase their brand’s personality.

Most ad agencies do offer most of the services that come under digital marketing. However, for more specialised and niche areas of the field, ad agencies generally team up with search marketing companies to bolster their digital marketing capabilities